A discreet, easy to use medical alert pendant delivering peace of mind and independence


The future of independent living

  • lightweight (34 grams)
  • discreet design
  • easy to put on and take off
  • easy to use charging station with voice reminders to charge device from care centre team
  • one button triggers 24/7 care centre contact
  • ergonomically designed for the elderly
  • GPS tracking notified position automatically
  • clear two way speak/listen
  • shower proof
  • fall detection
  • no movement detection
  • award winning device

safeTwear medical alert pendant brings together many world firsts. Weighing only 34 grams and smaller than a matchbox, you’ll soon forget you are wearing the most advanced award winning Fall/GPS/SOS system and that’s exactly how it was designed.

Simplicity and accuracy were tantamount to the design of the safeTwear pendant due to its use by the elderly and frail, or people who are mobility challenged. A one button push alerts a 24/7 care team who are trained to respond to emergency and non-emergency situations. 

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the Global Satellite Positioning System (GPS) is made with precision as you would expect from the nation that manufacture the likes of Rolex Watches. This enables our team to locate you within 2.5metres and direct emergency personal or key members of your safety network to your location.

The 24/7 care centre has your personal details on file, enabling our response personal to be fully versed on your individual circumstances. This includes medication, recent surgeries, physical limitations, and so forth. This enables us to brief any emergency personel should you not be able to communicate effectively yourself.


We have all your medical history and exact location via GPS to share with Emergency Services / Ambulance


Fall Detection-SOS Alert

What our safeTcare team sees: