The must have secure key safe

When phoning for an Ambulance for a 3rd party and explaining details and the address, the first question the operator will ask is “is there access?” They need to know if assistance may be required by police or the fire department to gain access to the premises as ambulance officers don’t carry the equipment and safety wear needed.

In this scenario, time is critical and the operators are aware that waiting on other emergency services is not only a strain on the resources, it could cost valuable minutes on attending to the patient and it could very well be the difference between life and death.

Gaining access may be a costly exercise, from both a time and financial perspective with the damage caused “breaking in” to your home by the emergency responders, their job is to get to you as quickly as possible and damage is inevitable.

Emergency Medical Services safeTlock, also known as a key safe, is a crucial part of having a medical alert system.Whether your family is self-monitoring or you are monitored by safeTlink, having access to keys is a critical factor in getting Emergency Personnel to you in the shortest possible time frame.

Our sturdy lock weighs more than ½ a kilo, easily attaches to the back of a door handle, security screen, security grill or anywhere its toughened shackle can attach and it has a soft rubber cover to ensure it doesn’t scratch any surfaces. Responders simply put in your secure 4 digit passcode and have instant access to your keys and most importantly, you! No damage done, your home remains secure should you need to be taken to hospital and no one is there to look after the property.

Emergency Medical Services keeps your lock code and where it is located along with your personal health records to pass on to ambulance services in our secure facility, the code will not be shared with any other, unless we have your instructions to do so. You may pass the code on to family or find it handy should you lock yourself out of your home accidently…