Is this service for me?

safeTcare monitoring together with our safeTwear pendant medical alert pendant provides Australia’s leading emergency alert system. Will it help your particular situation?

These are the circumstances most likely to benefit from our services.

  • Highly recommended for people at high risk of falling
  • Lack of strength - unable to get up unassisted.
  • Heart problems such as tachycardia
  • Severe asthma sufferers
  • Mild dementia patients prone to wandering
  • Diabetes sufferers
  • Aged and infirm - reduced body stability, balance and confidence
  • People undergoing heavy medication treatment such as chemotherapy
  • Vertigo sufferers
  • Hip replacement patients
  • Stroke risk patients
  • Heart attack risk patients
  • People prone to fainting or blacking out
  • Anxiety sufferers
  • Arthritis sufferers
  • Post surgery recovery patients

Still unsure? Please give us a call for advice.